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Développement en excel avancé à Cachan

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Icon address zip code 94230 Cachan

Icon date date fixe : dimanche 15 juin 2014

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Advanced excel usage is needed. For instance, developer tools, macros. I need to create some pop up window on excel and some images. Better conatct me via phone, to know precise details.

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Questions et réponses

  • I can t expalin you by writing, i need to talk to you in person to explain

    il y a environ 4 ans
  • The fact is thats not possible yet, i have to make an offer for the job and then if you choose to accept it and so to choose me,then we can get in touch. what are the "other developer tools" you'r currently talking about ? because i learned to develop Visual Basic on my own i'd rather make sure that i'm able to do the job before to do any offer. I hope you understand my POV, alexis.

    il y a environ 4 ans
  • Hi Alexis,
    Thank you for the reply, the job should be entirely done on excel, by utilising macros and some other developer tools. I am using this site for the first time, in fact i don t know how to send you a private message and i prefer to talk to you in person.

    il y a environ 4 ans
  • Hello Sir ,

    i recently made a full software developped in VIsual Basic which handle lunch order of all the employees of the company i work for. For instance, the software is able show pop up window asking the user to enter his name,the software then select the employee in a list and add some values in cells needed to then compute his order. I guess i could be able to help you, can you please give us more details ?also, what's the purpose of your project ? Kind regards Alexis,

    il y a environ 4 ans

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